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About BEC

Established in 1991, the Bundaberg Business Enterprise Centre (Bundaberg BEC) operates as a non-profit community organisation promoting the creation and sustainable development of new employment opportunities by assisting and nurturing new and existing businesses.

The Bundaberg BEC is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who set and oversee the strategic direction of the organisation, ensuring that it remains relevant to the needs of today’s small business sector.  Bundaberg BEC regulalrly enages with the small business sector to understand the information and services that they require in order to ensure on-going delivery of meaningful and relevant services.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the premier business services destination.

Our Purpose

Bundaberg BEC exists to support and strengthen start-ups and small business.

Our Competitive Advantage

We will succeed by offering professional and cost-effective solutions.

Our Mission

Promote the creation and sustainable development of new employment opportunities by assisting and nurturing new business proposals. We will work collaboratively with other small organisations contributing to their business success and our communities’ economic growth.

Our Values

Our Vision and Objectives will be achieved by living our values:

  • Professional
  • Caring
  • Cost-effective
  • Independent
  • Confidential
  • Quality

Bundaberg Enterprise Centre - Quay St

Our History

The Bundaberg BEC was established in 1991 in an old warehouse on the banks of the Burnett River. The initial feasibility study was completed in 1989 by the Bundaberg Tourism Board (now Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism Board), and both the Federal and State Governments contributed to the first and second stages of development.

After fourteen years in a renovated warehouse, the Bundaberg BEC moved in July 2004 to newly refurbished premises on the corner of Quay and Tantitha Streets in the Bundaberg CBD. A grant from the Federal Government via the AusIndustry Incubator Program, allowed the Bundaberg BEC to modernise yet another old building into a highly professional and busy office environment.

Since its inception, the Bundaberg BEC has assisted over five thousand ventures, employing some 7,500 people, to become established and viable. This equates to 20 businesses a month and 31 jobs every month (on average) that are helped to start or be mentored to success. These ventures are situated right across the Wide Bay region, and it is estimated that they contribute approximately $15 million to the regional economy each year.

The Bundaberg BEC has strong community support with a volunteer Board of Directors, and a register of voluntary Mentors, all of whom provide expert assistance to Bundaberg BEC clients when they need that extra specialist help.

The Bundaberg BEC houses 25 small business tenants that in turn employ over 40 people and generate some $10 million into the local economy every year.